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At WEBTEC, we understand that high levels of quality control blended into our strong manufacturing processes result in consistent quality products.  We recognize the importance of that in this type of a technically involved product and process.  We have invested extensively in our quality system and our quality staff.  We are ISO 9001 certified; ISO 13485 certified and we are cGMP compliant.  We are registered with the FDA as a Contract Medical Device Manufacturer, Medical Device Manufacturer, and Medical Device Repackager/Relabeler.

WEBTEC inspectors and production staff ensure that our products are made to the customer’s specification and meet the standards that are required of them. These workers monitor or audit quality standards for all manufactured products. Our product quality becomes increasingly important to the success of our company, daily duties of inspectors place more focus on this aspect of their jobs.

Material inspectors may check products by sight, machines by sound and try to locate imperfections. These workers verify dimensions, color, texture, strength, or other physical characteristics of the product. Some jobs involve only a quick visual inspection; others require a longer, more detailed one. Production Staff may separate goods according to length, size, type, while other members test or inspect a sample taken from a batch or production run for malfunctions or defects. Production staff members repeatedly test existing products or prototypes under real-world conditions. Through these tests, WEBTEC can determine how a production line will last, what parts will break down first, and how to improve durability.

Quality-control staff members are involved at every stage of the production process. Some examine materials received from a supplier before sending them to the production line. Others inspect components and assemblies or perform a final check on the finished product. Depending on their skill level, inspectors also may set up and test equipment, calibrate precision instruments, repair defective products, or record data.

 Inspector’s mark, tag, or note problems, if the product is acceptable, the inspector will certify it. Quality-control workers record the results of their inspections, compute the percentage of defects and other statistical measures, and prepare inspection and test reports. When defects are found, inspectors notify supervisors and help to analyze and correct the production problems.

The emphasis on finding the root cause of defects is a basic mode of operation for management and production philosophies. Current philosophies emphasize constant quality improvement through analysis and correction of the causes of defects. The nature of inspectors' work has changed from merely checking for defects to determining the cause of those defects.

This increased emphasis on quality means that our company has now integrated teams of inspection and production workers who jointly review and improve product quality.

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